These days so many people, most of the people I know, have a diagnosis of some sort, myself included. 100 years ago this wasn’t the case.
Do we need these labels in order to understand ourselves and other people? Or is that with increasing scientific knowledge we can describe and label the behaviour and feelings of people?
Do we have too many words to describe all the intrinsic behaviours of humans? Or do we live in a world where to make our identity seen and heard we need to attach clinical labels to ourselves?
Diagnoses can be very useful, they allow us to get the treatment that we need, whether that be medical in the form of medication to allowing extra time in exams.
But I can’t help thinking …
…  whatever happened to just being me?
But what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Identity: Are there too many words?

  1. I have a friend of mine that posted something on facebook, about someone describing another person as “that homeless person over there”. She said that the homelessness of that person is not their identity, and so it is not fair to use that as a point of reference.
    The liberal part of me wants to agree, to say “yeah, that’s right! That person has a name and a personality!”
    However, the linguistic side of me recognizes that they are not identifying him, branding him with this personality trait, but using it as a descriptive means. If that person is the only person that appears homeless in the crowd, then by describing him as such then the people you’re talking to know exactly who you’re talking about. If you were to say “the person I spoke to over there,” – it’s about as vague as you can get, other than replacing “person” with “being” or “entity” or “experience”.
    Sometimes, I think yes, words are too much.
    But then again, it’s the diversity of the rainbow that makes it beautiful 🙂

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