After selling an item on eBay to then have it returned – broken and in an unusable state, eBay then demanded that I reimburse the buyer! When the laptop was posted it worked. The fan was broken but this was made clear in the description.

Instructions on what to press when the laptop first booted up were also provided in the description. So yes the laptop was knackered, but it worked, and off it went to the buyer.


I then get the buyer messaging me saying that something was rattling. There wasn’t when I posted it, which when I did it was wrapped up in foam sheets and a thick cardboard box.

A dispute was opened up on eBay by the buyer and after a few exchanges of messages it “escalated” to customer services making a decision which went in his favour.

Obviously I was displeased at this outcome but once I received my laptop back in the post I was fuming. It now won’t turn on at all. When it was posted it would turn on and was usable. I informed eBay of this and yet they still demand I pay, despite the fact that the laptop is not in the same condition as when it was sent.

To sum up (1) I won’t be using eBay again and (2) if you decide to purchase a faulty laptop please please please only do so if you know what you are doing. Using the example above, if a laptop has a broken fan you do not want to keep it on for 2+ hours it will burn it out. The fan needed to be fixed, if something is broken it needs to be fixed before you can use it. It’s like buying a car with flat tyres – it’s not going to work till you do something about it.


2 thoughts on “Why I won’t be using eBay again!

  1. The follow up story:

    My appealing of the case was rejected, for which I was not given an actual reason. When I asked this was skirted around like a politician during a “Spanish Inquisition”. I phoned customer services at eBay to try and discuss the matter and get them to revoke the charges, but to no avail. Eventually my account was deactivated so I couldn’t buy or sell anything – well no matter as I won’t be doing either ever again on eBay. I ignored the message alters from eBay as I didn’t care about not being able to use my eBay account. Then just this week I received a letter from a debt collector company, and therefore I will pay as it’s not worth damaging my credit rating. However I am still furious at eBay, to be precise, the cretin that made the decision. Just for the record, I did not shout or swear at the customer services staff – they were very helpful. Despite that I am never using eBay again!

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