I will be attending the workshop “Speech Disorders throughout the Lifespan” at the Institute of Neurology in UCL on the 26th of November. I look forward to updating you readers on what I learn. Below is a brief overview of the workshop followed by the speakers and the title of their talks.

“In this workshop, leading researchers will outline some of the latest findings on the behavioural, neural and genetic causes of speech disorders throughout the lifespan.  The meeting will offer an exciting opportunity to discuss the clinical implications of these findings.”


  • Dr Kate WatkinsExperimental Psychology, University of Oxford
    “The neural correlates of a mutation in FOXP2: diffusion imaging data in the KE family”
  • Professor Rosemary VarleyLanguage and Communication, Psychology and Language Sciences, University College London
    “Theories of speech control: Implications for understanding and managing apraxia of speech”
  • Dr Elina Tripoliti, Speech & Language Therapist, Institute of Neurology, University College London
    “Speech in degenerative diseases”
  • Dr Pelagia DeriziotiMax Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, The Netherlands
    “Neurogenomics of speech disorders: the road ahead”
  • Professor Martin SommerClinical Neurophysiology, Georg-August-University, Germany
    “Stuttering: neural and genetic bases”



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