I found this app useful when preparing for and throughout an fMRI data  analysis module. NeuroSlice is great for teaching you to identify  individual anatomical regions in the human brain; including nuclei,  tracts in the brain and the spinal chord. Examples include, the  hippocampus, Slyvian fissure and Precentral gyrus. It contains 40 MRI scans of human  brains to test your recognition of neuroanatomy. Just like in the real practice of (f)MRI you can view the brain from different angles including:

Spinal cord

You have a choice in how you learn, either the app  will highlight a section of the brain and you name the section from a  list of choices. It is not your typical multiple choice questionnaire  with 4 options, there are far more! Alternatively, the app will give you  the name of an anatomical region and then you as the user has to  identify it in the scan by pressing on it. An additional good point is  that it can be used offline, so it doesn’t use up your mobile data  usage.

*** I have not received financial gain or any gift for writing this article ***


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