Speech Enhancement Lite created by DigiPhD

This is an invaluable tool for students of speech and language therapy, acoustics, auditory processing, audio engineers, psycholinguistics, music analysis, digital signal processing and forensic linguistics. I found this app useful when studying phonetics and phonology. With this app you can record anything and it will generate a spectrogram and a short-time Fourier transform of the recording, which can then be distorted, enhanced and modified. These recordings can be played back later alongside their visual representations.

The frequency analysis tool has a selectable resolution from 128 – 4096 bands, between 0 – 4 kHz. For each recording three spectrograms are generated – the input, noisy and modified. The modified one being the noisy one with the noise filtered out. There is also a frame analysis tool that lets you zoom in on small slices of the spectrogram. You have the choice of doing this either in the direction of frequency or the direction of time.

Further resources such as examples can be found at the app’s website. The app has a share tool so images can be shared via social networks, Bluetooth and e-mail.

*** I have not received financial gain or any gift for writing this article ***


3 thoughts on “Free App: 1

    • Hello Susan,

      I have looked on the website and forum and that it not mentioned. The closest info I could find to that was from the website:
      “What is the view spectrogram tool?
      This tool allows you to view and play all generated spectrograms in succession.”
      You may want to e-mail the creator at: miscanalysis@gmail.com maybe it’s something they could develop.
      However, I will have ago on mine later and get back to you.

      Thanks for reading,

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